About us


Our Motto

Those who have the passion, the zeal to prove their mettle, are the ones who never give up come what may, they overcome all obstacles to get what they want,  they are the achievers, the winners.  We cater to them.

We design winning products for the winners!


This is the philosophy believing which JustBagnBall has set foot in the sporting goods industry. It takes a lot of determination, hard work and self-belief to make it to the top and keep going. JBnB follows the same values and believes in making innovative products for the winners. From humble beginnings we aim to take our company to the top by offering solutions that are smart and designing products that are stronger, lighter and faster.


What we offer

As obvious from the name, JustBagnBall offers an exclusive range of bags and balls for sports enthusiasts. Registered in Canada, our company specializes in sophisticated sports goods that allow athletes to push the boundaries of performance and help them achieve their ultimate goal.


And our goal remains to offer high quality safe products and keep on adding finest products to our ever-growing list so that we are able to become a one-stop shop for all sports needs and you do not have to go anywhere else. We aim to expand our market for sports good in the near future so that we have you covered for all kind of sports good.


In the sports world competition is getting tougher, but the sportsman in us demands us to be tougher and beat all barriers. We are here to stay and give our best.  


We want to be with you when you bask in glory or are having the best sports moments. That is why we design and develop improved sports products. Form soccer ball, volley ball, sports bags, backpacks and shoes, we deal in developing and manufacturing all this and more.


Our exclusive range of products

The comprehensive assortment of backpacks and bags we have come in various attractive color combinations with sleek designs that are comfortable and convenient in all weather conditions. These include gym bags for men and women, cycling backpacks, hiking backpacks and multi-purpose backpacks. You can count on them for being strong, durable, waterproof, scratch resistant and light-weight with great stitching, providing a longer service life.


Owing to our expertise in the soccer, futsal and volley ball domain, we offer a wide range of these balls in different sizes, colors and types of material. The material used is environment friendly and of a superior quality. The balls are light weight, waterproof and durable, meeting international quality standards. These can be used for professional matches and for training as well. We have balls designed according to categories. For kids we have the lightest ball in bright colors and then for learners which are light as well. We cater to professionals as well and have balls designed that match the expert standards the game demands.

The focus of JBnB remains to develop products that enhance athletic performance and lower any risk of injury.


Experienced Team

We are associated with those who belong to the sports world and have been in the business for decades. We have partners working with us who understand the market niche and demands of the industry and know what a modern player/athlete requires which can help them give optimal performance and develop their skills. The experience and knowledge of our partners helps us in manufacturing bags and balls that are cutting edge, high quality and convenient. We cater to the needs of professional players as well as amateurs who indulge in the sports for leisure and manufacture products that are at par with modern standards.


Make your sport more exciting with JBnB

It is aptly said that Champions keep playing until they get it right! We are here to get it right not only in terms of giving players/athletes world class products with great materials but our focal point is on providing such products that enhances their play, making it more exciting and giving them their money’s worth. So that every time the player in you, uses our product he/she can step out with confidence and play like the game is meant to be played.


Environment-friendly products

Our top most priority is to offer goods that perform and by performance we mean in environment friendly term as well. Being a part of the society we owe it to be responsible that is why we do not use any materials that is hazardous for health and refrain from using PVC because of it’s know factors regarding environmental unfriendliness. PVC produces harmful dioxins and is highly toxic. Greenpeace termed it in the following words the “single most environmentally damaging type of plastic”.

We use Poly Urethane materials because it is environment-friendly.


We take pride in providing safe and high quality products that are reasonably priced and will make you come back to us again and again. You can trust us to give you the best.